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Investing Equally In All of Baltimore's 14 city districts with Equity, Transparency and Accountability

     As Mayor of Baltimore City my aim is to equally invest in all of Baltimore's 14 city districts with equity.  The paradigm of using the Operation and Capital Budget to cater to certain segments of Baltimore's society while neglecting other segments... will no longer prevail under my administration.  All of Baltimore's 300 neighborhoods will be managed with equity to enhance the quality of life for all Baltimoreans.  No longer will a resident's quality of life be based on their zip code.

      I understand the citizens' lack of trust in leadership because so many leaders have misused their authority for self-serving purposes.  Leaders have promised people the world only to renege on those promises once elected in office.  Their priority is serving the status quo instead of their constituents.  I assure the citizens of Baltimore I am the message that I send.  My only motive as a public servant is to serve the citizens of Baltimore.

      Vast areas of Baltimore are in need of development, and my mission is to urgently address those neighborhoods that are in need of revitalization.  However, there will be development without displacement.  The surge of Gentrification that has accelerated in urban cities across America will not prevail in Baltimore City.  No longer will citizens be displaced from their lifelong neighborhoods under the banner of Urban Renewal.  

      So that poor and low income residents can afford the widespread development throughout Baltimore, the Mayor's office will attract businesses to the inner city to provide jobs for citizens with limited or no transportation.  My aim is to create a vibrant work culture and discontinue the culture of accommodating citizens' poverty, which fosters lack of growth and initiative. 

       One of the ways I intend to start the process of instilling work ethics in our youth is by incorporating Trade Schools into our school system.  This will give our youth a skill set which will prepare them for the workforce.  

      *LOW INCOME COMMUNITIES will be revitalized with adequate funding, investments, development, jobs, decent schools, capital improvement, supermarkets, playgounds, recreation centers and businesses that will employ and provide needed services in communities.  

      *THRIVING COMMUNITIES will continue to be invested in and receive all of the capital and resources to maintain a great quality of life.

      *AFFLUENT COMMUNITIES will continue to flourish.

      *BUSINESS COMMUNITIES will sit down at the table of City Hall and negotiate the benefits of doing business in Baltimore as it pertains to enhancing the quality of life of all Baltimoreans.

      *CONCERNING INFRASTRUCTURE - My administration will work on lowering Baltimore's Property Taxes and Water Bill.

      *CORRUPTION - I will establish an oversight team to detect Pay to Play scheming, embezzling tax payers' money, wrongfully diverting money, laundering money through campaign funds and unethically and illegally lobbying money for private entities.

My Plan To Move Baltimore Forward

As Mayor my administration will establish an Oversight Audit Team to monitor Baltimore’s 67 agencies! The Oversight Audit Team is designed to detect thief and misappropriation of city funds, grant money and other monetary funds the city receives. It will ensure that each agency operate with equity and use their budget efficiently! More than anything the Oversight Audit Team will search for any Pay to Play corruption deals or malfeasance by public officials! There will be an Oversight Audit Team agent assigned to each agency who will monitor the agency throughout the year! This system of checks and balance will ensure that Baltimore’s budget will effectively serve the citizens of Baltimore.

  Because of the urgency of now my administration will fight crime head on. My eight years of military tactical experience and eighteen years as a retired Correctional Sergeant have given me a vast knowledge of strategic operations for combating the criminal element. One of my administration’s first steps will be establishing a vetted Gun Trace Task Force to tenaciously go after illegal guns.

While our police force is showing a presence on the streets, every day they will be conducting covert (secret) operations targeting guns. Guns are the number one source of murders in our city. Our police department will gather intelligence on known gunrunners and fiercely go after them. Although the urgency of crime will be combatted, my administration ultimately knows that the way to reduce crime is to enhance the social-economic conditions of citizens. I will invest hundreds of millions into depressed areas where most of the crime and murders are committed.

  We will install Trade Schools into our school system to give our youths a skill set, open up recreation centers, attract jobs in the inner city and fix the dilapidated infrastructure in depressed areas!  If we invest in downtown like we invest in across town we will reduce crime and murder overnight! Investing in poverty stricken communities with the same enthusiasm as affluent communities is the best crime fighting plan there is! Besides fighting crimes and murders in the streets of Baltimore, my administration will go after elected and public officials whose underlying aim is depravity (corruption)! 

Mayor Pugh is not the only elected leader who has sold Baltimore down the drain. My administration will unveil the culture of Pay to Play, Kickbacks, Back Room Deals and Laundering money through campaign funds! 

      As mayor of Baltimore City my sole purpose is to build a thriving economy, enhance development and create opportunities for upward mobility for all Baltimoreans. As Executive Manager I will manage Baltimore with equity, transparency and accountability. I will lead Baltimore to a new horizon, not business as usual! GB!   

Paid for By: The committee to Elect Ralph E. Johnson Jr.

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