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Mayoral Candidate Ralph E. Johnson Jr.'s CRIME PLAN 

      My Crime Plan is predicated on managing Baltimore with integrity, equity, transparency, accountability, proactive policing and enhancing the quality of life of all Baltimoreans. 

      My eight years of military experience and eighteen years as a retired Correctional Sergeant have given me a vast amount of knowledge and experience to combat crime and murder.   There are many layers to the culture of crime and murder that plague our city.  As executive manager I will robustly spearhead the fight to make Baltimore a safe and progressive city for all who live here, work or visit our great city. 

      One of the first things on my agenda is to lead the fight against the pervasive Pay to play culture of corrupt that’s running rampant in City Hall.  City officials must stay out of the pockets of Status Quo entities.  Such malfeasance compromises our leaders’ ability to serve all of the citizens of Baltimore.   When private industry gives kick backs to elected leaders to invest and develop in certain areas, this creates neglected communities of concentrated poverty and lack of opportunity.

      As we know, or should know, concentrated poverty and lack of opportunity are the byproducts of anguish, frustration, desperation and homelessness; all of which culminate into the crime and murder that we see today.  My administration will put in place a social-economic infrastructure that’s conducive to progressive behavior and a decent quality of life.  I will immediately start the process of incorporating trade schools into our school system, reinstate Pal Centers, open up recreation centers in greatly needed areas such as public housing, and attract businesses to the inner city that will provide accessible jobs with decent pay.

      The way we will attract businesses to high crime areas is the same way we will reduce crime and murder, through revitalization.  Dilapidated houses that cannot be salvaged will be torn down, and many of the vacant houses that are owned by the city will be transformed into transitional houses for the homeless. Through the Affordable Housing Trust Fund City Hall will help low income residents purchase and renovate vacant houses that are currently eyesores sitting in limbo.  Without displacing residents from Baltimore, City Hall will collaborate with private industry to revitalize neighborhoods that haven’t seen an investment, capital improvement or development dollar since the 1960’s. 

      Under my administration City Hall will attract progressive businesses to depressed communities such as: super markets, pharmacies, Laundromats, sit in restaurants, etc.  The protocol of equitable policing in every community will be enforced to ensure the protection of citizens, businesses and property.  Mechanisms such as Pal Centers will be put into place to bridge the gap between the community and the police department.  As in any civilized society law enforcement and community relations are vital. 

      Eradicating the city’s deplorable sanitation will also be a top priority in fighting crime.  Poor sanitation is not only physically unhealthy but mentally destabilizes as well.  Priority funding for mental health will be crucial to fighting crime.  Many Baltimoreans suffer from unresolved mental trauma from adversities which lead to drug addiction, crime and violence.  The key to fighting crime is not addressing it after it has happened, but preemptively addressing the social-economic conditions that make communities ripe for crime.  Above all, the best crime fighting plan is to enhance people’s quality of life, and provide for them a means of upward mobility.

     That being said the urgency to address crime and murder is undeniable.  Because illegal guns are the main resources involved in committing crimes and murders, my administration is going after them relentlessly.  I’m going to sit down with the police commissioner and commanders of other law enforcement agencies throughout Baltimore and the metropolitan area.  We’re going to devise strategies to robustly go after illegal guns, gun runners and citizens who possess illegal guns.  Staying within the standard of the Consent Decree, through in-depth intelligence, covert operations and strict Probable Cause Protocol we are going to confiscate illegal guns, arrest and prosecuted citizens who are involved with illegal guns. 

      I will discuss with the police commissioner, the nine precinct commanders and rank-and-file officers how we can devise a daily plan of proactive policing.  One of the main strategies of fighting crime is crime prevention.  The crime and murder that Baltimore is experiencing is a culture.  It’s a culture predicated on inequity which creates social-economic conditions ripe for its existence.  My administration is going to equally invest in all of Baltimore’s 14 city districts with equity, transparency and accountability.  This will reduce crime and murder automatically. 

    For the record I am adamantly against the Surveillance Spy Planes. I disapprove primarily because the Surveillance Planes were first introduced to Baltimore in a conniving and deceitful manner instead of with trust and transparency.  In 2016 without the knowledge of the mayor, city council or citizens of Baltimore, the owner of the surveillance planes colluded with members of the police department to spy on the citizens of Baltimore. 

     There was no investigation, hearing or indictments imposed, for what was essentially unconstitutional and criminal behavior.  Flying surveillance planes over an American city without proper authority during the 911 era should have definitely been scrutinized.  In the wake of underhanded, unethical and corrupt business dealings between city officials and private industry, the Persistent Surveillance Systems is exactly the kind of company City Hall should not be doing business with.   

     Baltimore is not in need of crime fighting gadgets that will enrich the pockets of CEOs while high crime communities wallow in despair.  The millions that will be wasted on surveillance planes that detect crime after the fact can go towards crime prevention investments such as: funding trade schools, reinstating Pal centers, more recreation centers, capital improvement, sanitation improvement and school maintenance improvement.  

     My administration will be committed to integrity and transparency on the highest level.  City Hall will do business with private industry as it pertains to enhancing the quality of life and upward mobility of all Baltimoreans.  I will not accept any money from any Status Quo Entities which will give me the freedom to serve all of the citizens of Baltimore with equity.  GB!


Friday, April 19, 2019 2:34 PM

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